You will be surprised how brave you can be with my help! Week 1 (26:22)

Our journey starts today! I'm totally excited to accompany on your journey to become my plastic wearer! But don't be afraid! I'm by your side and support you! In the first week of your journey I will slowly and sensitivly encourage you to put on my pink transparent plastic panty. To give you the best possible support, I'm wearing a transparent hooded plastic trench coat, a transparent plastic babydoll, a transparent pink plastic panty and transparent pink plastic ankle boots. I'm proud of you, that you were brave enough to wear plastic by yourself now! I wank your cock while you wear your plastic panty. I rub my pussy and my plastic ass on your plastic cock! And finally I make you cum your first time in your plastic panty! Wow! That was great! Hope you will do your homework (which you get in my video), and see you next week!