About me

Hey! I'm Kim and working in an office. That's the way how I discovered my addiction to satin. In the office I'm wearing a lot of blouses and shirts with skirts and like that really much!

One time I bought my first satin blouse a cute shiny pink one. When I got my first satin blouse on I realized that I like the soft and shiny material so much on my skin and it looks so kinky. You can certainly imagine it doesn't take much time that I bought more blouses and a lot more satin clothes. This great fabric strokes my skin so good and it feels so unbelievable. To wear satin makes me so horny. That's the way how I discovered my love to satin. :-)

I love satin blouses, satin skirts, satin pants, tops, satin jumpsuits and overalls, satin dresses, high heels or boots and a lot of satin pajamas. :-) I'm so addicted to shiny fabrics.

I love even more shiny fabrics like PVC / Vinyl. The tight feeling of PVC on my skin. It doesn't matter I love all pvc clothes eg. pvc pants, pvc skirt, pvc jackets or pvc high heels and pvc thigh high boots.

Or Plastic - it's so amazing! First, plastic clothes are so cold on my skin I love that :) I get goose bumps every time. This creaking when you move yourself in plastic. The sound is so amazing, isn't it? I have many plastic clothes like plastic pants, plastic skirts, plastic raincoats, plastic wellies and plastic thigh high boots or high heels.

As you see I have a lot of shiny stuff and I like dirty talk and love it to be dominant. I enjoy to seduce you while I'm wearing such kinky shiny outfits for you. CFNM is one of my facvorites.

Do you share my addictions with me? Send me a message :)

Kisses ShinyKim